Tuesday, August 10, 2010

breaking through

Woohooo! I finally sense a bit of fitness coming my way. Now isn't it about time, since it's freakin' AUGUST already!??

Off to Timberman soon and then to Augusta 70.3 For some crazy reason I signed up for IM Arizona- and I'm not very adept at the full IM distance, despite my age-group Kona adventure. It should be VERY entertaining. : )

I hope that by this point in your season you find yourself happy, fit, and still hungry for a bit more competition. Race season's not over yet.

Big shout out to my new kit sponsor- Kiwami. Heaven! I'd say it's like racing without a kit but that's too scandalous. No chafing. No ouchies. Just lovely! hahaha. do check it out! www.kiwamitriathlon.com/