Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the boot

I'm sidelined. I'm injured. I'm healing. I'm frustrated. But I'm thankful.


I'm talking about my achilles tendon. It didn't tear. Phew!

But what a dirty word to runners- achilles.

My physical therapist, foot doc, and coach ganged up on me and intervened. They put me in a boot to immobilize my injured foot. They stopped me from killing it and I'm so thankful. But for the record, it took 3 men to wrestle me into a boot. ; )

So race season is pushed back a couple of months. It'll be interesting to see what I can bring to early season April and May prep races. Heck, it could be downright humiliating! But hopefully the only thing I hurt is my pride. : )

See you at Belews Lake tri in NC and White Lake half IM. Then let's get it on for 70.3 Kansas in June and 70.3 Buffalo Springs in balmy Lubbock Texas.