Monday, September 27, 2010

Put on your big girl panties/ augusta 70.3

Yep. That's right, ladies and gents.

It occurred to me this weekend that if you buy your big-girl panties then you have to leave behind your training pants, bloomers, and little girl underclothes. If you want to be a big girl, then get it ON and get it AWN.

Well, uh, I tried. I tried my best. I had a good cry about the gators and the dark water in my hotel room. I MADE myself get in and swim my heart out. And thus, I showed up in "Hotgusta" and put aside my pride (again). But it wasn't GREAT and I was handily out-run by the big girls. Sure, I outperformed a third of the field, but I don't look back. I look ahead.

Ok, so all was not lost with my 7th place finish at 4:34. But dang it was a hard day's work out in the pouring rain. And as I looked down the road to see two women in front of me, I thought, "surely, they can't bike that hard and then run WELL." Hahaha. I was so mistaken. They sure did.

I am so incredibly impressed with the women on the race course. Jessica Myers, Magalie Tissere, Desiree Ficker, Amanda Lovato, Tamara Kozulina, and Claire Horner finished in front of me. They were awesome. So much for Augusta being a B level race in the pro field. These women had it AWN.

I'm not thrilled with my day but I'll take it and carry on. Lots more to work on. 7th place seems to be the 2010 refrain for me. The bigger question on my mind is can I grow into my big-girl panties and carry on like this, or will it soon be time for "Depends" undergarments?

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